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When you install windows server it is just a box, nothing it there like services, if you want to use the services you should install and configure the services when you need them. The DNS stands for Domain Name System. When you create an account on a server or domain controller, your computer, and server communicates with each other by their IP addresses; you can’t remember a lot of IP addresses. Here the DNS comes to action. It means it changes the IP address to the name and name to the IP address. When you type a server name like tactig-dc01, it changes the name to IP: and vice versa. In this article, you’ll learn how to install DNS on Windows server 2016 server graphically and through PowerShell.

Topics covered in this article:

  • Install DNS server graphically
  • Install DNS server through PowerShell

1. In order to open Server Manager, press the Start Menu button; click on the Server Manager icon.

Start MenuStart Menu

2. When the Server Manager opened, click on the Add roles and features option.

Add roles and featuresAdd roles and features

3. Skip the Before you begin page clicking on Next button. In the Select installation type page, just let Role-based or featured-based installation option selected. Click on Next button.

Role-based or feature-based installationRole-based or feature-based installation

4. In the Select server destination server page, select the Select the server from server pool.  Select the server from server pool which you want to install the DNS role on. Click on Next button.

Select destination serverSelect destination server

5. Select the DNS from roles. A page will open that wants you to give permission to install management tools for DNS server. Click on Add features button. At the end click on Next button.


DNS ServerDNS Server

6. Here on the Select feature page, no feature is needed to be installed. So just hit Next. On the DNS Server page you can read some important information about the DNS server and hit Next button. Click on the Install button to install the role on the server. Be patient; it will take some time.

No reboot is needed after the role installation. So directly go toward configuring DNS server.

Install serverInstall server

Install DNS server through PowerShell

You easily can install DNS server through PowerShell. If you’re preparing for MCSA or MCSE certifications, make sure that you learn this easy command line: Install-WindowsFeature DNS -IncludeManagementTools.

Install-WindowsFeature is PowerShell command which is used for installing Windows server roles and feature. After that type name of the role, in this case DNS. Install-WindowsFeature DNS command installs the core services for the DNS. You need to install the management tools. For the purpose type -IcludeManagementTools for adding management tools to the core services.

Maybe it looks scary to install DNS server through PowerShell, but is really easy. PowerShell makes your life easy.

Install DNS ServerInstall DNS Server


The DNS server is now installed and ready for configuration, no reboot is needed. To configure it check out the below article and read it out. For any question, feel free and leave a comment. I would answer your questions as soon as possible. As well as, don’t forget to configure it to start and let it work otherwise you can’t.

We are done with the installation of DNS role. It is the time to move on and configure the DNS server and use the services.

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The best way to learn is practice. Don’t forget to do it till the time that you feel you’ve completely learned.


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